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Even though a properly installed roof of the right materials can last for decades, sooner or later it can reach the point of no return. When acute damage or age-related wear and tear weaken the roof to the point that it can longer protect your home against the elements, you must schedule a full-scale roof replacement.

If you face the prospect of replacing your roof, you need to understand the multiple aspects of this complex process, from what materials to select for the new roof to how you and your roofer can make the installation go as smoothly as possible. These roof replacement questions and answers should point you in the right direction.


Of course, you can resolve a wide range of minor roof issues, and even some more severe ones, simply by scheduling the necessary repairs. For instance, if you only need to replace some lost shingles or leaky flashing, you can accomplish those fixes relatively cheaply and easily. However, in some cases, a full replacement makes more sense.

The older a roof gets, the more trouble it will likely develop as its various materials and components reach the end of their useful service life. If your roof needs work and you know it doesn’t have much more life in it, go ahead and replace it.

Another consideration involves your future plans for selling the home and what kind of price you hope to get for it. If you simply keep patching problems here and there, those repairs won't add to your resale value. However, a new roof can boost your home's attractiveness to buyers while earning back most of your investment in it.


You may have a choice between replacing your old roof with another of the same type or switching to a different roofing material altogether. Before you set your heart on such a change, ask your roofing installer whether your home's structure can bear the weight of particularly heavy roofing materials such as slate or tile.

Different roofing materials offer their own sets of strengths and weaknesses in different environments. Here in Florida's hot, sunny weather, materials such as concrete and slate hold up especially well. By contrast, asphalt shingles may prove more vulnerable to UV and storm damage, while metal may trap too much heat energy.

The boost in resale value and return on investment you can expect from your replacement roof will also vary depending on what roofing material you choose. On average, a new asphalt roof can add $15,247 to a home's resale value. A $22,636 roof replacement project (the average national cost) would therefore yield a 68.2 percent return on investment.


A whole series of events must take place before your roof installers show up at your house to start work. First, you'll want to make sure the roofing company has applied for and obtained the necessary work permits. You must also discuss the details of the project with the contractor and get a rough idea of the project's timeline.


Roof replacement involves far more than switching out one set of shingles for another roof coating. After preparing the surrounding area for work, the roofers will pull off all the top material. They may also discard any older, worn flashing, installing new flashing later to protect the new roof against leaks.

Next, the roofers will replace the underlayment, the critical structure that keeps water and water vapor from actually seeping into your attic. With this job accomplished, the roofers can install new shingles, tiles, or other top materials. The final step involves clearing away any debris or work materials.

Even the most careful and considerate contractors can't replace a roof without creating a certain amount of noise and disruption around the house. Make sure your kids understand the need for this work. At the same time, set down some safety rules to make sure they'll stay out of harm's way.

Any pet owner who has endured local fireworks displays knows that pets can experience extreme anxiety around loud, unpredictable noise levels. Some pets may also have a problem with strangers wandering around the property. Consider boarding your pets or letting a friend look after them during the roof installation.

Keep your neighbors updated as to what they can expect and how long the roof replacement project will probably last. With luck, they will not only appreciate your consideration for their feelings, but they will also offer temporary parking for your vehicle or other acts of kindness.

As you can see, roof replacement involves planning, skill, and expertise. If you want to enjoy full confidence that your roof replacement project will go swimmingly, contact the installation experts at Kerry Roofing LLC. Our team can answer all your questions and provide you with a free estimate.

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